Q: I just purchased an advertisement with All-American Sports Posters®. What happens now?

A: First, you'll receive an invoice in the mail within 4-6 business days. Your timely payment helps us continue to provide exceptional service. Second, you will receive an advertisement built by our skilled graphics department within approximately 5 business days on our "ad copy proof sheet."

Q: What do I do now that I received my ad copy proof sheet and need to make changes?

A: You have several options to make changes to your ad copy. Please contact us directly by phone, email, or fax. It is critical that you let us know how you want your ad to appear and send in any changes right away. Doing so will ensure ample time to make the changes and send you a new proof. We want to make sure your advertisement is ready when it is time for the poster to be printed. We are waiting for your communication and are anxious to serve you!

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Q: How do I make a payment on my account?

A: We provide a couple of ways for you to make a payment on your account. First, you can contact us by telephone to pay with a credit card or check for no additional fees.

Second, you may mail your payments in a self-addressed envelope that you'll receive with your invoice. In order for us to process your payment by mail, please include your account number on your form of payment as well as the tear off stub from the invoice.

Your timely payment is greatly appreciated!

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Q: How long do I have to send in my graphics for my advertisement?

A: We aim to wrap up the advertisement portions of our projects within 5 business days of the date you booked your ad with us. Once you have placed your ad, you may contact us to begin working on your ad. Our graphics and customer service staff are available to assist with questions in order for your advertisement to appear just the way you want.

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Q: Why do you need my graduation year?

A: Our desire is to have your product information correct from the time you talk to our sales representative to the time it appears on the poster.

Once you have made the decision to purchase your product, you'll speak with someone in our quality control department. This person will make sure that your product information is correct. Please use this opportunity to communicate what information you would like to include on your product. Upon completion of this call, our quality control representative will ask for your graduation year to use as a confirmation number for your order.

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Q: Why am I being called so far in advance of the posters being printed?

A: In order for our company to deliver posters to the school and community on time, we have to operate on a tight production schedule. Calling you in advance helps us ensure we will have enough time to build your ad, make changes for you, and place it on the school's poster in preparation for the season.

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Q: Can I send my business card or company logo for my advertisement?

A: Yes! We want your advertisement to reflect exactly what you want to say in your community. Please visit our Sending Your Logo section to learn more about how to send us this information.
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