Quick Facts for Advertisers:
  • The school receives hundreds of 20" x 26" full color posters for distribution.

  • Your support is critical to the school's success!

  • Almost anything can go in your ad space (Logo, Slogan, Support Message, etc.) See our Sending Your Logo section for more info.

  • Posters are put up everywhere (Businesses, Sports Events, Schools, etc.)

  • Community members will repeatedly see your ad.

  • A successful project helps to generate more ticket sales & more concession sales, which means additional funds for the school!

  • Ads will appear in black & white on a full color background. See our Sample Products section for more info.

Ad Sizes for Any Budget
Our competitive ad pricing and wide range of sizes will bring you flexibility your pocket book will appreciate.

See Ad Sizes »
See how your ad would look on our posters and pockets.

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