September 2017
A.D. Reminders for September 2017


  • Coaches - Review with coaches all state and local eligibility rules


  • Coaches - Review coaches education hours including those who attend CPR or first aid classes


  • Coaches - Review “out of season” regulations at first coaches meeting


  • Fiscal - Pay bills


  • League - League AD meeting


  • Program - Fall sports eligibility list should be on file


  • Program - Confirm individual practice rules have been met prior to competition


  • Program - Review fall sports season guidelines and bulletins. Share information with administration and coaches, noting deadlines


  • Program - Review eligibility clearance, resident and academic rules, PRIOR to first competition


  • Program - Finalize fall sport team rosters, take team picture


  • Program - Schedule and plan events for National Activities Week in October


  • Program - Send rosters to opponents


  • Program - Make sure visitor locker rooms are clean and ready for use


  • Program - Request gate money and police checks for home contests


  • Program - Write article for school newspaper or program


  • Program - Eligibility paperwork deadline


  • Program - Secure any off-site gym space that might be needed



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July 2017
Concussion Discussion Excluding Females

The risks and lasting results of concussions for athletes have received a lot of press in recent years, yet it appears that the most susceptible portion of the population is not part of the discussion.  Recent reports indicate that females are at far greater risk of concussion than males, yet research dollars and treatment trials are excluding women most of the time.  ESPN the Magazine is pulling back the curtain to examine why female concussions are not being put on the same playing field.

June 2017
Less Time to Shoot!

The shot clock has been a part of college and professional basketball for decades. It is now becoming more common at the high school level.  Wisconsin is the latest state to join the trend as the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association has voted to implement a 35-second shot clock for boys basketball beginning with the 2019-2020 season.

June 2017
Umps Have Had It!

Rob Brown couldn’t believe his ears as he stood behind home plate. Brown, the chief umpire for Little League for the majority of the Treasure Valley of Idaho, had just called a third strike on a young batter. The boy turned to Brown and gave his two cents.

“What, are we golfing here?”

A lesser man might have been angry. Brown took the high road and smiled.

“This kid is 11 years old,” Brown said.

The days of silence and compliance are over. Talking back is back. And officials have had enough.

Referee and umpire numbers are declining across the country. Only two of every 10 continues officiating into their third year, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations. And the trend is not isolated to urban areas of the country.

June 2017
"Coach of the Year" Quits Over Parental Interference

Clayton Castor was the boys basketball coach at Gladstone High School in Michigan, and last season he was named the U.P. Class ABC Coach of the Year.  In April, he submitted his resignation, citing a number of reasons - mainly parents - for his decision.


May 2017
Spirit of Sports Award Winners Announced

Danny Lilya was born with a broken back and is a paraplegic. Confined to a wheel chair his entire life, Lilya has not allowed it to stop him from enjoying sports that he loves and being named the 2017 national winner of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) "Spirit of Sport Award."

The "National High School Spirit of Sport Award" was created by the NFHS to recognize those individuals who exemplify the ideals of the spirit of sport that represent the core mission of education-based athletics.

Lilya was one of eight regional honorees selected.





April 2017
First Female FB Scholarship a Sign of the Times?

There have been perhaps a dozen women who have played college football, but none of them who played for NCAA-affiliated programs were on scholarship. That changed last week when Becca Longo became the first female to earn a scholarship in an NCAA Division I or II football program.  The Arizona high school kicker has signed a letter of intent with Division II Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado.

Football has taken some hits in popularity and participation in recent years, due mostly to concussion concerns. The popularity of the sport among women, however, has been on a strong rising trend and that includes participation.  The number of women participating in the sport has increased over 150% in the past 17 years.

To learn more about the growing popularity of football among women, view this infographic produced by Ohio University.

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