Raster graphic
Raster graphic enlarged at 600%
Vector Graphic
Vector graphic enlarged at 600%
Vector Vs. Raster
Vector and raster are two ways graphics are displayed or stored. Vector uses math to draw the detail of a graphic. This means no matter the size, the graphic will never lose detail. Raster uses a predetermined number of pixels (squares) per inch. This means the graphic needs a high number of pixels per inch to ensure the quality of detail.

Our silk screen printing process requires use of vector graphics.
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Sending Your Logos
Logos are printed in one color (chosen by the school) using a process called silk screen printing. This process requires logos to be submitted in a supported vector format.

Supported vector formats: EPS, PDF, Adobe Illustrator CS3 or older

If we receive your logo in a non-vector (raster) format we will do our best to convert it. Embedding a raster logo in an EPS or PDF file will not properly convert it to vector.

Leave Your Fonts At Home
We may not have the font(s) being used in your logo. Please convert any text to outlines.

Graduating Gradients
Any gradients will be converted to solid fills.

The Sistine Chapel
Silk screening is sometimes like painting the Sistine Chapel with a 17" wide brush. Because of this, complexities or finite detail in your logo may require simplification.

If you're confused by all this mumbo jumbo, please send us your questions at tshirtgraphics@allamericanpublishing.com.

Where to Send Your Logo
Ready to send your logo? Please send it to the address below. Be sure to include the name of the school and project you are advertising with.

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