Facts for Advertisers
  • Premium 12" x 3.5" ad placement: $1,159
  • Six Inch 6" x 1.75" ad spaces: $319
  • See our Ad Placement section for more info.
  • The school receives FREE t-shirts.
  • Schools love these shirts!
  • Anecdotal research tells us kids will wear the shirt with your advertisement for months and years to come. Your advertisement will be seen by the critical teen market and parents of teens.
  • Community members will repeatedly see your ad.
  • The color of the screenprint ink is chosen by the school
  • School chooses what goes on the front: logo, mascot, event, etc.
  • Ads will appear in one color on the t-shirt. Click here to see what t-shirts can look like.
What is pandemonium?

Pandemonium is that moment when free t-shirts are thrown into a crowd of teenagers and there is incredible noise, wild and excited confusion, with a dose of chaos!

Put your ad in the middle of the pandemonium free shirts create!

"If you build it, they will..." wear it?

At All-American T-Shirts we want to put your company in the middle of the frenzied and fun scene created whenever t-shirts are given away. We also want to put your ad right in front of two critical advertising demographics – teenage kids and their parents. They will see your ad, they will wear your ad, and they will know your company.

"I GOT THEM!!!! THEY'RE AMAZING!!!! Thank you sooo much! The students who will receive them will be extremely excited!!!!! Thanks again ~ we would love to do this again with you in the future!"

-Bambi Mensinger, Activities Director

More Than Just a T-shirt.

Schools can use the t-shirts however they would like. They may give them away at events in order to build enthusiasm and support for the school or sell them cheap as a great fundraiser. Or give them away whenever a kid does something worthy of recognition. It is really up to the school and it is easy for them because they are free!

"Thank you very much! This worked great for us last year and the students and spectators loved the shirts!!! It helped tremendously with school spirit at our games."

Vallivue High School, ID

Simple Math.

Your benefits are tangible. Kids wear t-shirts all the time – and they wear them for a long time. Your ad will be seen by those kids every time the shirts get worn. So will their parents and everyone they come in contact with. The math is simple – hundreds of kids wearing your shirt dozens of times being seen by 100s of people. That equals thousands of impressions for a few hundred bucks. Pandemonium!

Come be part of something simple – but profoundly effective. Come be part of the pandemonium!

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