Ad Sizes For Any Budget

Our competitive pricing on advertisements, as well as our wide variety of ad sizes, brings a flexibility that your wallet will surely appreciate. The poster program is a perfect opportunity for your business to advertise to the local community.

This, in turn, results in an increase of customer traffic. Posters are put up everywhere, at local businesses, Sports events, schools, etc. Your support is critical to the school’s success!

Quick Facts for Advertisers

The school will receive hundreds of 20″ x 26″ full color posters for distribution.

Almost anything can go in your ad space (Logo, Slogan, Support Message, etc.)

Ads will print in black & white on a full color background.

The posters will be put up everywhere, including local businesses, sporting events, schools, etc.

Community members will repeatedly see your ad. Thus, providing more exposure for your business!

Successful posters will help generate more sales at events, which means additional funds for the school!


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Banners and Pockets

Advertise on school t-shirts!

Your ad will be seen by the students who wear them. As well as, their parents and everyone they will come in contact with.

The math is simple – hundreds of students will wear your shirt multiple times. Therefore, your advertisement will be seen by hundreds of people. Thus, equaling thousands of impressions, for just a few hundred bucks.