What AAP Will Do For You

List Out Businesses

First, we assemble a list of businesses located near your school who are most likely to support a poster project.

Contact Those Businesses

Then, we contact the local businesses on that list to give them the opportunity to support your program via advertising.

Create Your Poster

Our talented artists create a beautiful, full-color poster featuring your schedules, times and dates.

Develop Ad Copy

From there, we develop the necessary ad copy for each of the supporting advertisers from your community.

Handle the Details

Our team takes care of all of the details. From printing, billing customers, collecting and shipping.

Send Cash Back

Finally, we send cash back to your school for your program. The best part? It won’t cost you a dime!

Sample Posters

Huge hit with the community!

“I have had advertisers call and tell me that the Fall band posters were a huge hit with the community! Due to the posters the band boosters were able to raise more money than ever before and it helped with buying new band uniforms!”

George Larsen

Band Director

Indirect Benefits of Our Poster Program

You’ll definitely look like a hero with our poster program! Our great-looking posters are distributed to individuals of your choice.
In fact, some schools sell them for additional revenue.

Increased Sales

Increased attendance at your events means greater ticket revenues and increased concession sales.

Community Support

Community-wide support for your program, since the posters are distributed all around your local area.

Cash Back

Finally, your school will receive cash back for your program!