Q: How many different posters can All-American Sports Posters® produce for our school in one year?

A: We can publish a poster for each sports season depending on what you would like and the level of community support.

Q: How many products will our school receive for distribution?

A: Our standard package is approximately 250 – 300 20″ x 26″ full color posters. We can also publish full color pocket schedules for your school and/or 8 1/2″ x 11″ “mini” schedule only posters.

Q: Does All-American Sports Posters® have ads to accommodate all supporters’ budgets?

A: Yes! Our ads come in several sizes and have prices ranging from $100 to $725 to accommodate everyone from the smallest business to the largest corporation.

Q: How does All-American Sports Posters® sell advertising on the posters?

A: We have a trained and experienced staff of sales people who call businesses in your community. Many of our sales reps have been working on schools like yours for many years.

Our trusted sales representatives are well trained to use a no-pressure approach when speaking to supporters for your project.

Q: When will All-American Sports Posters® deliver the posters?

A: You should allow at least 6-7 weeks between the time your finalized schedules are sent and delivery of your posters at the school.

We proof all posters at least three times to allow ample time for the printing.

Q: Will I be charged for All-American Sports Posters® shipping the posters?

A: No! No shipping costs or any other costs are passed through to you. The school will never receive a bill.

Q: Does All-American Sports Posters® send posters to the advertisers?

A: Yes, we will send each advertiser a copy of your poster. You need not worry about distributing the posters to the advertisers on the poster.

However, we do ask that you distribute the posters throughout the student body, faculty and to other businesses in your community.

Q: When do I need to make a commitment for the next season?

A: To reserve your spot in our production schedule, a signed authorization form is needed ASAP. We only take on a limited number of new schools each year to insure that all of our schools’ needs are met.

We will immediately begin working on your project once we receive the authorization form. Our company never does any work in a community without being asked to do so by the school.